Valentine’s Date At-Home

Valentine’s Date At-Home

Are you looking for a way to connect with your love without leaving home? We have gathered some wonderful ideas to make this year’s Valentine’s Day feel special without leaving your house!

Flower Arrangements

Flowers are so beautiful and can transform a space like none other. Go to your local farmer’s market or Trader Joe’s and pick out some of your favorite bouquets. Think about which rooms you will be placing the arrangements, and try to pick flowers that go with the room’s color palette. Have a blast putting them together and let romance bloom!

Have a Spa Date

Gather together some of your favorite products and set up a night of relaxation like no other! Make sure to get lots of candles to set the serene mood, and pick up some scrubs, lotions, and body oils. Nurture each other by taking turns applying products and let the stress of the world go – and don’t forget to take a luxurious bath!

Turn Your Living Room Into a Ballroom

It’s probably been at least a year since you and your honey have been out dancing. Dancing is such a fun way to get in sync with your partner. Move your furniture to the side to open up space, make a Spotify playlist with the songs you associate with your love, and dance the night away! There are online courses where you can learn traditional ballroom dances, or just freestyle. It’s sure to be a night you both remember. 

Create Art Together

Make some artwork together! Decide what medium would be most enjoyable for you both: painting, collaging, or poems. Try and make something that honors your life and dynamic, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come!