Achieve Your 2021 Goals With This Amazing Craft

WHAT is a vision board?

A visual representation of your goals, representing your life direction in a clear and creative way.


 WHY do vision boards help your goals?

According to Psychology Today, practices like visualization can increase motivation, confidence, and even motor performance


HOW do you create a vision board?

1Decide if you want the board to feature long-term or short-term goals.

2. Look for visual representations of your goals: magazines are the classic choice, but you can always print off images from Pinterest or Instagram. Try and find words that also align with the direction you want your life to take. Make sure you choose images that are vivid and will continue to catch your eye in the year to come!

3.Once you have all of your images, lay them out on the poster board. Don’t start gluing yet! Take time to layer your images and rearrange. Once you are happy with the final product, go back and add glue! Placing some books or magazines on top will help the board dry flat. 

4. After it’s completely dried, find where it will live! Make sure it is somewhere that you see often: your nightstand, home office, or vanity. You can even take a photo of it and make it your phone or computer screensaver!

5. Keep it open to alteration. As time progresses, you might want to take off items or add new images on top of it. This is highly encouraged so your vision board can stay in line with your goals consistently!