Sweet Escapes | Gorgeous Hikes to Explore in Georgia

One of the best ways to decompress is to spend time in nature. As temperatures lower in September, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a hike. Get out of the city and connect to your center with these gorgeous areas in the Georgia area.


Blood Mountain 

Address: P3Q7+W7, Owltown, GA

Why It’s Wonderful: This is the highest peak you can hike in this area! The panoramic view of the treetops, mountain ranges and waterfalls in the distance are truly breathtaking.

Keown Falls Hiking Trail 

Address: Directions can be found on USDA’s website.

Why It’s Wonderful: This is a great trail whether you’re a beginner or more experienced as a hiker. It has a gorgeous waterfall, a smooth trail and a beautiful view from atop John’s Mountain.

Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve

Address: 3787 Klondike Rd., Stonecrest, GA 

Why It’s Wonderful: There are miles of trails to choose from at this preserve, bu8t they all lead to gorgeous scenic views. The wildflowers growing in the area are a beautiful addition.

Morningside Nature Preserve

Address: 2020 Lenox Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA

Why It’s Wonderful: This is the perfect hike to bring along your furry friends! There are two trails to choose from, a suspension bridge, and lovely sandy shores.