Natural Room Scents | Make Your Home Smell Like an Autumnal Dream

Fill your home with amazing autumnal scents this season! These four combinations are perfect DIY projects to get into the spirit of approaching cold weather.

General procedure: 

  1. Combine the ingredients in a pan on the stove top
  2. Cover them with water and heat
  3. Bring to a boil, then lower to a simmer

Scent #1: Oranges, cinnamon & cloves

This wonderful combination carries throughout the house really well, and can be reheated while still holding its scent. 

Scent #2: Lemon, rosemary, & vanilla

This scent is extremely fresh and lovely. It’s similar to the scents the Williams-Sonoma stores diffuse.

Scent #3: Lime, thyme, mint & vanilla extract.

This scent is pleasant, fresh, and super invigorating! A lovely choice to start the day.

Scent #4: Orange, ginger, and almond extract. 

This combination is quite sweet and warmth-inducing. Perfect for the first chilly days of the season.

Scent # 5: Pine or cedar twigs, bay leaves, and nutmeg.

This scent is quite complex, and will remind you of holiday celebrations and cozy fireside chats.

Recipes courtesy of TheYummyLife