Homeschool Space Design

Here are some ideas to set up a homeschool space that serves to boost focus, minimize stress, and nurture learning in these unprecedented times.

One major suggestion is to dedicate 3 areas to homeschooling:

  • Traditional Space 

For this space, a desk or the kitchen table works great! This is the area for  homework that requires prolonged focus, problem-solving and writing.

  • Reading Nook 

Find a corner in your home and pile it with pillows and a nice lamp. If you want to get really creative, you can make a study fort, but just a cozy little corner is great. This is great for long periods of reading.

  • Sprawl Out Space 

For those big projects and crafts, you need somewhere to let your child’s imagination soar! The dining table is a great choice, but if it’s a project that takes multiple days, it’s also a great option to put up a folding table somewhere to keep materials and in-progress projects.

Other great things to keep in mind

  • Daily Declutter

Get in the routine of having a daily declutter, where your child puts all of their materials into their designated spaces, neatly. This will keep stress levels down  and will help transition from the school day to evening.

  • Small Containers for Each Child

If you have multiple children and not a ton of space, a great way to stay organized is to use small storage containers for each child. That’s where their books, notebooks, and other school supplies can live in-between schooling sessions.

  • Decorate Individual Space

Whether your child has their own desk, or just their own cubby container, encourage them to decorate it! Washi tape is a wonderful way to customize surfaces without causing lasting damage. Encourage them to make their space their own and encourage agency.